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4 Reasons You Should Use an Online Letting Agent

4 Reasons You Should Use an Online Letting Agent

4 Reasons You Should Use an Online Letting Agent

An online letting agent is a platform that allows private landlords to market their properties effectively on the UK’s most recognised property websites. Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location offer the widest audience for active searching tenants. These are the most recognised property websites and have the highest traffic when it comes to tenants searching for property.

  • Take full control of the let.

With most online letting agents a landlord has access to a landlord dashboard area. Landlords can update their adverts, request changes and add additional services at any time. You can decide how you want your property to show online.

  • Meet your tenants earlier in the process

As you will be showing the property themselves, it gives both parties a better insight of each other well in advance before starting any referencing, paying a holding deposit or signing any documents.

  • Only pay for what you use

Be part of a tailored process that meets your needs entirely. Landlords only need to pay for services they will use. Most online letting agents will offer a basic advertising service and then landlords will be able to add products such as photography or certificates if they require.

  • Save thousands in agency fees

Online agents market properties all over a much larger geographical area and do not have fancy offices to pay for so they are able to offer much better rates. The difference between a high street agent fee and Netlett is usually in the thousands. You can have a look at our savings calculator to see how much you can save.

Check out our letting services and products to see what we offer and how much you can save.

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