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How to successfully conduct a property viewing?

How to successfully conduct a property viewing?

How to successfully conduct a property viewing?

You’ve chosen your method of advertising and have generated some enquiries from prospective tenants who’d like to come and view your property. It is now crucial to make sure the property is as appealing as it looks online. Here we’ll look at how to successfully conduct a property viewing in the most effective way and why a prospective tenant should choose your property over your neighbours.


Making the first impression a memorable impression for the good reasons is vital. Remember that in an ever so crowded property market, tenants have loads of choice and will book several viewings to give themselves comparisons and to get a feel for properties in a specific area.

If your property is currently tenanted and you are conducting viewings, it is best to arrive to the property 15 minutes earlier than the viewing time to ensure the property is tidy and decluttered.

Get the bins in order, make sure any mail is kept tidy, communal areas are clean and of course the property is looking presentable. Make sure beds are made, cushions are stacked nicely and furniture is in its correct place.

During winter months, turn the heating on to give a warm welcome. During late viewings ensure the lights are on to brighten up the space and, in the daytime, make sure the curtains are drawn back and blinds all the way up to let in as much natural light. If there are any unpleasant smells, air them out by opening windows.


Don’t be shy to highlight the best features of your property.

If you have beautiful bi-fold doors, make sure they are wide open so that the tenants can get a feel for the outside whilst standing inside.
If you have funky lighting over the breakfast bar, make sure this is turned on.
If you have a glass banister make sure that nothing is obstructing the view of it.
If you got a beautiful working fire place, make sure it is fired up.

The little things make the real difference.


When tenants are searching for properties online one of the key criteria of their search criterion is the rental price. Tenants are looking for affordable rents that they will feel financially comfortable in paying throughout the tenancy.

To make your property more appealing than your competitors, throw in some freebies that will make your property feel better value and won’t cost you a fortune. This could help you rent your property faster and ensure your tenants are happy resulting in them renting for longer and smaller void periods.

Let’s put things into perspective. If you were to throw in free Wi-Fi that costs £30 per month, which is £360 over the year. In London, that is equivalent to 1 weeks rent or less than 1 week rent in most places. Doesn’t seem like a lot but this can go a long way positively for you.

Other benefits that landlords could include is a free cleaner once a month. A few hours in a month won’t break the bank and in the longer term will benefit you more as your property is being maintained.

You could even opt to pay the TV licence for your tenants or go one step further and install Netflix or Sky for them in advance.

There is nothing more frustrating for tenants than the common issue of moving into a new home and having to wait a few weeks until a phone line and internet connection is set up.

Taking the above into consideration can be the deal maker for your tenants and add value to you as a landlord and the rent you are asking for. Tenants will appreciate this!


The viewing is the best time to get a better understanding of who the tenants are as people. On the phone people tend to be more confident, in person you can see how quickly and confidently they answer your questions about them.

If you are meeting a couple or couples you can ask how long they’ve been with each other or if they are married. For sharers you can ask how long they’ve known each other. This helps to see the longevity of relationships and if they are willing to sign longer term tenancies then this part of their lives is less likely jeopardise a successful long-term tenancy.

You can ask the tenants if they’ve ever been responsible for paying bills. This is a very good question as it helps you to understand whether they are experienced with the process of setting up utilities and making payments on time regularly.


Now that the tenants are satisfied with the property, eliminate any concerns they may have in terms of upkeep of the property and maintenance. Remember, they may have had bad experience with a previous landlord and may not want to discuss it with you as it may seem negative from their perspective.

Tell the tenants what type of landlord you are…

Do you have contractors or a property management company that can deal with any issues arising during the tenancy or are you a hands-on DIY landlord yourself?
How soon can you get things sorted?
Do you have warranties on appliances?
How many years have you been a landlord?
How many properties you have and manage?

Worth noting, as much information that you may want from the tenants to build your confidence in renting out your property to them, they are also looking for the same confidence.

At Netlett we are always committed in providing a valuable service with professionalism and integrity.

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If you would like to get a better insight on how much rent you should ask for, you can order your Free Best Price Guide here.


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